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Leeds RAG Fashion Show

Client: LRFS   |   2019-2021   |   Photographer & Media Director

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Leeds RAG Fashion Show provides an opportunity for creative collaboration alongside huge fundraising for charity. 

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Responsible for promotional and theme revealing photographic images and videos for the 2021 fashion show.

As a key creative force behind the 2021 Leeds RAG Fashion Show, Visionarhi was integral in crafting the promotional and theme-revealing photographic images and videos that defined the event's visual identity. This student-led charity event, renowned as the largest at the University of Leeds, combines fashion, originality, and innovation to highlight crucial causes and drive social change.

Visionarhi's role extended beyond photography and videography, contributing significantly to the creative direction and set design. Our efforts were pivotal in securing sponsors and generating publicity, ultimately helping the event raise over £27,000 for charity over two consecutive evenings. Through our involvement, we demonstrated a profound commitment to leveraging fashion and community for impactful, positive change.


"Whilst collaborating with Rhianna on shoots for Leeds RAG Fashion Show in 2021, it was her sheer determination to make any of our creative dreams happen that made her more than just our Media Director and Photographer. She is hard working, an absolute pleasure to be around and has a creative spark which shines in her work and makes her an asset to any team. The photos she produced (even under the circumstances of covid) are phenomenal and I will be sure to work with her again in the future."

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