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Client: Aurélie Fontan  |   2021   |   Photography

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An interstellar journey
towards communicating with other life forms.

Aurelie Shoot Tracey4443-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot Tracey4884-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot Tracey4844-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot Ardelyn3885-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot Tracey4904-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot Ardelyn3884-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot Tracey4718-Edit.jpg
Aurelie Shoot India5392-Edit.jpg
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Aurelie Shoot Ardelyn3742-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0059 2-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0445-Edit-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0183 1-Edit-Edit.jpg
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Untitled Session0269 1-Edit-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0127 1-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0137-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0236.jpg
Untitled Session0260-Edit-Edit.jpg
Untitled Session0210-Edit-Edit.jpg

Featuring fashion collections from Aurélie Fontan Autarky – Fashioning Space is a speculation on symbiotic and evolutive wearables inspired by the current global climate crisis and pandemic.

This interdisciplinary project critiques the notion of ecological colonisation. Inspired in part by the designer’s creole ancestry and insular origins in Mauritius, the scars of ecosystem destruction are studied.

Projecting into the 23rd century, a new kind of designer is born – the first Astrobioneer, Arduinna is sent to explore superhabitable exoplanets, to study new ecosystems that could be the key to a more harmonious relationship between humans and non humans. As a hybrid designer and engineer, Arduinna studies the links between several organisms – this new symbiosis she uncovers defines new biologically integrated design processes and aesthetics to reshape our notion of organic versus inorganic, macro versus micro and natural versus artificial.

Navigating between speculated territories and real life bio-fabrication solutions, Autarky is an ode to interspecies collaboration and circular living for the future of our planet, as well as a philosophical challenge to existing space exploration paradigms.



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